Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Change of mind

As you may have read in an earlier post, I started a lap blanket for an elderly man last week.  The plan was to go along Little Woollie's mixed stitch stripey theme.

However after doing a few stripes I thought this is too complicated and time consuming to be done in a hurry.  I really do want to do that type of blanket, but at an easy pace when I can get it right.

So this is the result so far.  I am using the famous Attic24 Granny Stripe pattern, that gives you a nice thick even blanket with not much effort.  I am quite liking the colour combination and it looks a lot brighter when you are looking at the actual thing.

Yesterday I sat outside in the sun (yes we do get sun in Ireland) and did several colours.  It was quite therapeutic, as I didn't have to concentrate much and I could see to do it without glasses, as the light was so bright.

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