Thursday, 18 December 2014

Frozen Crochet Patterns

Here in Ireland I believe it is difficult to buy a Frozen doll for your child, due to stock shortage and huge popularity.  However, I think I may have an answer to this problem - make one, using one of the patterns below.

This great pattern is from epickawaii on Etsy.  It is available in a 2 pattern pack or individually,  Nancy has lots of other doll patterns too.

This fabulous Olaf doll pattern is from The pattern is free, for personal use and available here.  ChiWei has lots of other patterns, for all different crafts, available on her site.

There are some other good Frozen ideas around as well ...

This pretty hat pattern is from The pattern is free and available here.  Lilia has other free patterns available too.

Another great hat pattern is available from AdorkableCrochet on Etsy.  It is available in a bundle or individually.  Rebecca has other patterns in her shop, such as Frozen inspired mittens.

This ready made bracelet would accessorise any Frozen garments and is available from MadebySundae on Etsy.  Sundae has a huge range of bracelets available in all different themes.

I hope this may have got you out of a problem or given you more inspiration.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wednesday's Wishes - Made in Ireland Gifts for All

As it is now a week until Christmas, I am going to focus on gifts made in Ireland, that you should be able to get delivered before the big day.

These fabulous exploding box cards are from LittleSofi on Etsy.  Sanja has a whole range of these type of cards for all occasions, such as weddings, babies and Birthdays.

This cute necklace and keychain would be great stocking fillers are from JewelryfromJoanna on Etsy.  Joanna is having a sale at the moment, so get in quick!

These great art prints are from Lanissurfart on Etsy.  Lani has a bunch of other prints available, as well as original artworks.

These lovely crochet pieces are from Ankacrochet on Etsy.  Anka has a whole range of crocheted gifts available including hats, earwarmers, tea cosies, other toys, other blankets and babywear.

These pretty gifts are from TheOldCottageGarden on Etsy.  Ellen has a huge range of other purses available, as well as bunting and garlands.

These items would make great gifts for men that have everything and are available from PeregrinVintage on Etsy.  Lorraine has lots of dictionary art prints and different cufflinks available.

These super warm looking knitted items are from Aluracrafts on Etsy.  Della has lots of other hats, scarves and other small items available.

These adorable toys are from Crafttalents on Etsy.  Katalin has other crochet toys, wooden toys and applique items available too.

This great pottery bowl and pottery artwork are from Karoart on Etsy.  Karo has lots of ornaments, bowls, plates, dishes and artworks available.

Well I hope I have given you some good ideas of last minute gifts, available from Irish artisans.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday's Wishes - Crochet Scarf Patterns

With the weather getting seriously cold in the northern hemisphere, I thought you may like some patterns to keep you warm around the neck ie. scarves and cowls.

This is one of 2 dozen scarf/cowl patterns from Luzpatterns on Etsy.  Luz also has many other patterns for hats, slippers, blankets, toys, gloves and bags.  She also has a discount if you buy 3 patterns or more.

This long cowl pattern is from Freyaesme on Etsy.  Clare has a lot of other patterns for neckwear, as well as those for hats, slippers, gloves and headbands.

This cowl pattern is from Barefootdesignsshop on Etsy.  Mackenzie has other patterns available, as well as a large range of finished goods.

This "brick wall" cowl is from PatternsbyMarianneS on Etsy.  Marianne has a huge variety of other patterns for scarves, bags, hats, necklaces and gloves.  She also has a discount on multiple purchases.

This elegant scarf pattern is from Onthehook on Etsy.  Desiree has other scarf patterns available, as well as finished goods, such as lace bowls, scarves, headbands, gloves and boot cuffs.

This chunky scarf pattern is from Fiberandhook on Etsy.  Sarah has lots of other scarf/cowl patterns, as well as those for headbands, boot cuffs, hats and blankets.

This crocodile stitch scarf pattern is from Bonitapatterns on Etsy.  Lianka has lots of other crocodile stitch patterns for jackets, shawls and slippers.  She also has a discount for multiple purchases.

This very pretty scarf pattern is from Amandaperkinsdesigns on Etsy.  Amanda has other scarf patterns available, as well as those for some fabulous blankets.

I hope this has given you some ideas for last minute presents or for keeping yourself warm.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wednesday's Wishes - Crochet Hat Patterns

There is a definite chill in the air here in Ireland and I have no doubt that there is in other countries too.  So today's theme is crochet hat patterns from a multitude of talented designers.

First up we have a great super warm looking newsboy style hat pattern is from AlyseCrochet on Etsy.  Justine has a huge variety of hat patterns for sale and if you buy several you can get a discount.  She also has ready made hats in her shop and ships worldwide.

This trendy slouch style hat pattern is from EvasStudio on Etsy.  Eva has many other hat patterns, as well as those for slippers and sweet girls' bags.  At the moment she is offering a discount buy 2 get 1 free.  She also has ready made slippers and hats for sale, which are shipped worldwide.

This fabulous hooded cowl pattern is from SimplymadebyErin on Etsy.  Erin has a large amount of other hat patterns available, as well as ready made hats and cowls.  She also offers a discount on a multiple pattern purchase.

This pretty beanie pattern is from ktandthesquid on Etsy.  Katy specialises in children's hat patterns, but she also has patterns for bags, blankets, scarves and adult hats.

This slouchy beanie with the unusual pebble stitch pattern is from UtterlyIntertwined on Etsy.  Victory has a bunch of other hat patterns, as well as those for cowls.  She has discounts for multiple purchases.

This perfect guy beanie pattern is from HatsbyElvee on Etsy.  Elvee has a good range of hat patterns for men and women and a huge range of ready made hats including some that are vegan.

This super cute pattern is from Mamachee on Etsy.  Tara has a huge range of patterns in her shop, including those for blankets, mittens, scarves, booties, other hats and slippers.  She also has discounts for multiple purchases.

This owl and teddy hat pattern in 8 sizes is from KerryJayneDesigns on Etsy.  Kerry has a huge range of hat patterns, as well as those for headbands, blankets, cushions, scarves and applique.

This "petal" stitch hat is from Wightstitches on Etsy.  Lynn has other hat patterns in her shop, as well as those for scarves, shawls and babywear.  She also has finished items in her other etsy store.

I hope this post has made you feel all warm and cosy and gives you some ideas for your next project or Christmas gift.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lunch Basket Finished!

I have been working on a project for a special 2 year old's Birthday and it is finally finished.  This little person loves his food, so I thought I would crochet some food items.

This collection of fruit is crocheted using Drops Paris 100% cotton yarn and using this pattern.  There is a lot of other fruits and veges on the pattern, together with a basket.  The pattern is free and quite simple.
The donut is from a great pattern from LittleThingsBlogged here.  I would of liked to make more donuts, but ran out of time.

This burger is quite large (14cm high x 15cm wide), but fun and easy to do.  The pattern is from Lion brand yarns is here and is free.

I wasn't able to find a suitable lunch basket, so I cobbled together this one.
Overall it was an interesting project, but I need to allow more time to enjoy doing it next time.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Great Deal Today Only - Simply Crochet Mag Current Issue

I have just discovered that you can get this current issue of Simply Crochet for £1 online through Zinio for today only.  I have just downloaded it and this issue contains some great items and an interesting article on doing cross-stitch over your crochet, to add pictures to plain crochet - looking forward to experimenting with that.

Just a quick post to spread the word on this great offer.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Decorations - More Free Patterns

It seems likely that it is going to be very cold in Ireland this weekend and our friends in the USA are probably snowed in, so I thought some more Christmas knit and crochet patterns were in order.

As penguin's seem very popular this Christmas due the phenomenal success of department store John Lewis' Christmas advertisement about penguins falling in love (youtube #MontyThePenguin), I thought this was very apt.  The pattern is from Lion brand yarns and the link is here.  You do have to have a login to get access to patterns but it is free.

You can never have too many bears around the place, so this little fellow has to be included.  He is from Red Heart yarns and the pattern is here.

This very bright garland is also from Red Heart yarns and the pattern is here.  I am thinking this would make a good advent calendar.

This is one the children might like to try, the yarn is wrapped around some cardboard shapes.  It is from Lion Brand yarns and the instructions are here.

If you want something to keep you warm while you construct it, there are plenty of nice blanket/throw patterns out there to try, including this one from Red Heart yarns here.

Have fun with these.  Please come back again next week as I putting up posts on simple gifts you can make within a short amount of time.