Tuesday 2 December 2014

Lunch Basket Finished!

I have been working on a project for a special 2 year old's Birthday and it is finally finished.  This little person loves his food, so I thought I would crochet some food items.

This collection of fruit is crocheted using Drops Paris 100% cotton yarn and using this pattern.  There is a lot of other fruits and veges on the pattern, together with a basket.  The pattern is free and quite simple.
The donut is from a great pattern from LittleThingsBlogged here.  I would of liked to make more donuts, but ran out of time.

This burger is quite large (14cm high x 15cm wide), but fun and easy to do.  The pattern is from Lion brand yarns is here and is free.

I wasn't able to find a suitable lunch basket, so I cobbled together this one.
Overall it was an interesting project, but I need to allow more time to enjoy doing it next time.

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