Monday 25 August 2014

A bit of a distraction

Unfortunately I haven't got any further with making more mandalas - sorry.  I have decided instead to start a small blanket for someone we know that is in hospital at the moment.

I know the colours don't look overly exciting, but it is for an elderly man and the autumnal shades will look good if you have a bit of texture in the stitches.


This is the first few rows, they look pretty boring, but you do need a firm base to work on.

I am intending on doing a few rows in each of the colours.  I also intend on doing a variety of stitches throughout the course of the blanket, both to learn more stitches and make it more interesting.

I am inspired by the "crochet-along-with-me " blanket that Little Woollie did last year - the mixed stitch blanket (sorry couldn't get the link with that exact page to work, but there is a separate section with all the details in her blog).

Anyway I hope this project gets finished one day.  I have a bad habit of getting a lot of WIP's (works-in-progress).  Although I have yet to meet a fellow crafter that doesn't have at least a few.

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