Thursday, 6 August 2015


After an unreasonably long break from doing a post, I decided I should write something.  I haven't done a post, as nothing has really happened lately.  Life has been going along as normal, I must admit I don't have many words at the moment.  So I thought I would do a summary in photos.

Summer was looking promising!

Cowslip plant in the middle of the lawn - so pretty.

lovely view from our window of canola growing

some of my feathered friends

a day at Tinahely Show (note the scenery in the background)

The Summer weather in Ireland has been pretty bad, but luckily last Monday (Bank Holiday) remained fine for the Annual Tinahely Agricultural Show.  It was it's 80th year and it is a nice day out.  There are lots of animals to see, but also lots of exhibits.  There is a large marquee full of fantastic locally made quilts (sorry no photo), another of crafts and cooking, another of craft stalls etc.  We didn't take many photos this year, but I did a post on my other blog of last year's show here.

I have been doing a bit of crochet and just finished a block stitch blanket.  I loved the result, but it seemed to take forever.

I have also started making greeting cards again.  This is a pastime I enjoyed in Australia, but it has taken a while to start again here, as I didn't have any tools or paper etc.  The picture is of my first attempt at decoupage (from a kit from LIDL) and I am quite happy with result.

Well I must go and try and get back into crocheting the Lily Pond Blanket - ta-rah!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Very Sad News

Today I found out that a very talented creative crocheter had passed away.  Unfortunately she was unable to conquer her battle with depression and that makes the news even sadder.  I am talking about the beautiful Marinke Slump from A Creative Being.

The last 2 posts were from Marinke and then her Sister delivering the heartbreaking news.

Another great blogger Kathryn Vercillo from Crochet Concupiscence is organising a memorial project in honour of Wink (Marinke), to raise awareness of Depression.  Details are here.
Kathryn is asking everyone to send in a Mandala made using one of Wink's patterns for a display at an art show in San Francisco.
I thought I might try this one

Although I will use really bright colours, just like Wink would have wanted.  RIP dear sweet generous Marinke.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fabulous Flowers

Today is the official meteorological start of Summer.  In Ireland we have a orange warning alert for gale force winds and it is steeping down with rain, but hopefully we will get some sun soon.
After my last post on crochet flower patterns I thought it would be nice to do one on real flowers.  One of the the things that I love about the climate here is that you can grow things without the fear that will perish in the extreme heat.  As we are renting the abode in which we live I have been gardening in pots and grow bags, but the results have been good.

Spring tulips

Petite daffodils

Wildflower mix in a grow bag

Summer pelagoniums in the porch

Summer sunflower complete with bee

Another thing I love about Ireland is that come Summer hanging baskets are placed outside shops, cafes and pubs and virtually everywhere possible.  It makes ordinary streets look so pretty.

I hope this has cheered you up if you are not having good weather where you are and maybe think about planting some pots for yourself.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wednesday's Wishes - Crochet Flower Patterns

Spring is the most glorious Season, during which everything seems to come alive and prosper. One of my favourite things about this time of year is flowers.  They seem to spring up from everywhere (excuse the pun).  I have often thought of making a seasonal wreath decoration, so I researched some flower patterns and came up with these fantastic examples ...

This great pattern is from Mamachee on Etsy and is available here.  Tara also has lots of other patterns including some Summer slipper/sandals.

I love this pattern from LyubavaCrochet on Etsy and available here.  The way the petals are so crisp and the different centres available all in the same pattern is fab.

I know this isn't a pattern suitable for a wreath, but you could just make one flower, plus I adore this rug idea.  It is from the Feltedbutton on Etsy and is available here

Again I have digressed, but I just had put this in, it does have a flower on it!  This amazing pattern is from PatternsbyMariannes on Etsy and is available here.

This very pretty pattern is from TheHatandI on Etsy.  It is really good value as it has 5 flowers and 2 leaves and is available here.

I thought this pattern would be very useful in making a wreath as there is such a variety and they are quite small in size.  The pattern is from HappyPattyCrochet on Etsy and is available here.

Yet another digression, but I thought these were so beautiful and you could use the flower part of the pattern for a wreath or any other sort of decoration.  They are from TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy and it is available here.

This final pattern has 8 flowers in it, but I loved this peony with all it's dimension.  The pattern is from SusanLinnStudio on Etsy and is available here.

Well I hope you are bloomed away with this post.  I can see the wreath in my head quite clearly, but I not sure it will spring into reality soon! 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Stylecraft Lily Pond Blanket Crochet ALong - Progress

Lily Pond Blanket CAL - yes I have caught up, but not for long as another pattern will be released on 19 May 2015.  I am loving the colours and liking the CAL idea ie. having a piece to do every so often.  I am also liking doing things I haven't done before ie. the flowers and different stitches.  It is a good way of learning and expanding your repertoire.

If you want to join the CAL the details are here.  If you live in Ireland and need the yarn, I believe that Julie from KustomKidz Wool in Arklow (ph (0402) 24707) can help you out.                  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Craft Crochet and Knitting Magazines - FREE

I recently discovered that you can get some free online magazines through your local Library.  I know this is the case in Ireland and the UK, but am unsure about other countries.  I accessed the magazines online from my Counties Library site.  You just need to download a magazine app called Zinio, choose the magazines that you require from your library's list and they get sent to your tablet or computer, ready for you to download. 

I am now able to get Simply Knitting, Mollie Makes, Good Housekeeping, Hello, Ideal Home and Woman's Weekly for free - how good is that?  Magazines are getting extremely expensive and some are full of advertisements, so I really like this system.  Hopefully my Library will get some crochet mags soon.

Speaking of magazines there are some more magazines available FREE for today only (15th May 2015), including Simply Sewing, Craftseller and Olive.  Just download these magazines apps in Newsstand (Apple ipad) and you can have 1 issue for free.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wednesday's Wishes - Crochet Bag Purse Tote Patterns

A lot of women love handbags and I am one of them.  You do need several styles in your stash - a clutch to hold a few things when you go out in the evening; a small bag for short trips to the shops;  a larger bag for work to carry your lunch etc in; and a big tote to carry your crochet project or for the beach etc.  What I am getting at is that you need a variety of bags, so see below for some great patterns to make your own.

I thought this one was very Springy and perfect for carrying your project in.  It is from NTMaglia Crochet on Etsy and is available here.  There are several great tote patterns in the shop, together with some smaller bags as well.

I love the patchwork effect of this one.  It is from VendulkaM on Etsy and is available here.  Vendulka has an amazing range of patterns available, including 12 other bag patterns.

This one would make a cute gift for any little girl in your life.  It is from Evasstudio on Etsy and is available here.  Eva has a bunch of other cute bag patterns in her shop.

This little clutch would be great for use when you don't need to carry much.  It is from Liliacraftparty on Etsy and is available here.  Lilia has some more clutch patterns plus some great hats and shawls patterns in her shop.

What a perfect bag to carry your work in !  It is from Thehatandi on Etsy and is available here.  Marken has an amazing range of patterns including hats, headbands and afghans.

I love the texture of this roomy shoulder bag from Chicandsimplicity on Etsy.  The pattern is available here.  Elodie has several other bag patterns available.

The size of this bag appeals to me, as does the fact you can wear it over your shoulder.  It is from Antikamoda on Etsy and is available here.

I hope that you will get some good ideas from this post and support these great pattern designers too.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Drops Yarn Wool Sale save 35%

I love using Drops yarn from Garnstdio.  The company has a large variety of  yarn in their range, but mainly natural fibres such as wool, alpaca, cotton etc.

At the moment they are having a sale and save a massive 35% off  21 types of wool yarn.

I know you may be thinking of Spring or Summer knitting or crochet, but this great saving is hard to resist.  Also for my Southern Hemisphere readers it is really good timing, because Winter is nearly upon you.

If you go to the companies site here, you will find details of where you can buy the wool.
My favourite places are :
Loveknitting (you get free shipping if your order is more than  $50);
Winniethewoolwagon (Ireland); and
Woolwarehouse (UK).

Happy Shopping !

Monday, 4 May 2015

Summer Scarf

Some time ago I was looking for a yarn that had no wool in it, to make a scarf for my Mum.  There wasn't much available in my local yarn shop due to it being Winter and Winter means wool in Ireland.  I bought a ball of King Cole Opium Palette, because  I really liked the colours and the way the variations in the colours made stripes as you worked with it.

Here is the result of the shade that I bought for myself.

The yarn is half cotton and half polyester.  It has thick and thin pieces so is very light when knitted, but surprisingly warm.

This second photo shows the texture that you get and some of the colours in shade 1394 rich fruits.  I used size 6mm knitting needles, cast on 20 stitches and knit every row.

I think I will get a lot of wear out of it.  There are various other shades available and plain colours too.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wednesday's wishes - Crochet Cushion and Pouf Patterns

I always find that in Spring I want to change things round a bit within the house.  It maybe to paint a wall a different colour or as simple as changing the throw on the lounge, but it has to be done.  So I thought these great cushion and pouf patterns might give you some inspiration in case you feel the same as me.

This beautiful textured cushion pattern is from Lillabjorncrochet on etsy and is available here.  Tatsiana has lots of patterns for mandalas, coasters and cushions, as well as finished goods.

This pretty geometric cushion pattern is from Littledoolally on etsy and is available here.  Amy has lots of other patterns available, with a speciality in cushions and baby blankets.

 This fantastically colourful pouf pattern is from bySol on etsy and is available here.  Sol has a huge amount of other knit and crochet patterns available too.

This ornate owl cushion pattern is from Atergcrochet on etsy and is available here.  Greta has lots of other bright and colourful patterns available too.

This bright cushion pattern is from thelittlebeenz on etsy and is available here.  Alia has lots of other great patterns especially for shawls and hats.

This fabulous cushion pattern is available from elealindadesign on etsy and is available here and here.
Paula has lots of other great crochet patterns available too.

This nice big footstool/pouf pattern is from isWoolish on etsy and is available here.  Tatiana has lots of other home accessory patterns, both knitted and crocheted.

Well, I hope this has given you some great ideas about sprucing up your house in some way or creating a special gift for someone.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Crochet and Knitted Shawl Patterns - all free

I am really enjoying wearing my poncho (see previous post), but it is too warm to wear on some of our sunny Spring days.  However I do like the idea of just a light cover up without the restriction of sleeves ie. a shawl.  The shawl patterns below might fit the bill and they are free.

This knitted pattern looks quite simple and uses a light varigated wool yarn.  Pattern is here.

This knitted one is more summery.  Pattern is here.

I love the lacy design of this crocheted one.  Pattern is here.

Another nice ornate lacy design.  Pattern is here.

All these patterns are free from Garnstudio that produces Drops yarn.  When I was looking at these patterns, I discovered that there is going to be a sale of 35% off 21 types of wool yarn from 1 May - 31 May, which a real bargain.  Even if the yarn isn't on sale it seems that it is very reasonably priced.