Thursday 6 August 2015


After an unreasonably long break from doing a post, I decided I should write something.  I haven't done a post, as nothing has really happened lately.  Life has been going along as normal, I must admit I don't have many words at the moment.  So I thought I would do a summary in photos.

Summer was looking promising!

Cowslip plant in the middle of the lawn - so pretty.

lovely view from our window of canola growing

some of my feathered friends

a day at Tinahely Show (note the scenery in the background)

The Summer weather in Ireland has been pretty bad, but luckily last Monday (Bank Holiday) remained fine for the Annual Tinahely Agricultural Show.  It was it's 80th year and it is a nice day out.  There are lots of animals to see, but also lots of exhibits.  There is a large marquee full of fantastic locally made quilts (sorry no photo), another of crafts and cooking, another of craft stalls etc.  We didn't take many photos this year, but I did a post on my other blog of last year's show here.

I have been doing a bit of crochet and just finished a block stitch blanket.  I loved the result, but it seemed to take forever.

I have also started making greeting cards again.  This is a pastime I enjoyed in Australia, but it has taken a while to start again here, as I didn't have any tools or paper etc.  The picture is of my first attempt at decoupage (from a kit from LIDL) and I am quite happy with result.

Well I must go and try and get back into crocheting the Lily Pond Blanket - ta-rah!

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