Monday 1 June 2015

Fabulous Flowers

Today is the official meteorological start of Summer.  In Ireland we have a orange warning alert for gale force winds and it is steeping down with rain, but hopefully we will get some sun soon.
After my last post on crochet flower patterns I thought it would be nice to do one on real flowers.  One of the the things that I love about the climate here is that you can grow things without the fear that will perish in the extreme heat.  As we are renting the abode in which we live I have been gardening in pots and grow bags, but the results have been good.

Spring tulips

Petite daffodils

Wildflower mix in a grow bag

Summer pelagoniums in the porch

Summer sunflower complete with bee

Another thing I love about Ireland is that come Summer hanging baskets are placed outside shops, cafes and pubs and virtually everywhere possible.  It makes ordinary streets look so pretty.

I hope this has cheered you up if you are not having good weather where you are and maybe think about planting some pots for yourself.


  1. I love the idea of wild flowers in a grow bag, amazing.

    1. Yes, the flowers were amazing. The display lasted through Summer and into Autumn as different varieties came up.

  2. Hello Jane,

    Sorry it's taken me ages to reply but we have just returned
    from holiday.

    The flowers are just amazing and the colours gorgeous.



Thanks for your comment.