Monday, 22 September 2014

All sorts of crochet stitches

I only know only the basics of crochet, but the reason I like crochet is that you only need to know the basics to make something.  The other good thing, compared to something like knitting, is if you make a mistake you only have to unravel a few seconds work (if you realise the mistake before going too far) and then you can correct it.

However I am always keen to learn different stitches and combinations of stitches.  This post shows some stitches I would like to try and links to tutorials.

This stitch is Catherine Wheel and I think it looks very effective done in different coloured stripes. There is a pattern from The Crochet Crowd here.

This scarf is done in Broomstick Lace Stitch and looks very opulent when using varigated yarn. There is a description and tutorial on b.hookedcrochet.

My golly gosh doesn't this stitch look amazingly 3D.  It is called Apache Tears and is described at Sarahlondon here.

This stitch looks mighty complicated, but is very impressive - it is called Crocodile Stitch (not surprisingly).  There is a good tutorial on Moogly here.

I hope this has given you much inspiration and makes you want to take up your hooks now.

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