Saturday 28 March 2015

More Great Easter Bunny and Lamb Patterns

I have got more great patterns to share with you today.

Benjamin and Brenda Bunny by mojimojidesign

This joyful couple is from Mojimojidesign on Etsy.  The patterns also comes with the instructions for the full set of clothes and the carrots!

Chelsea and Charlie Chick from Mojimojidesign

Lulu and Lollo Lamb from Mojimojidesign

These three great patterns are from Mojimojidesign on Etsy.  I love the way you can change the gender by using different coloured "clothes".  All of these patterns and more are available here.

Rosie bunny from Littlemuggles
Lulu and Lollo Lamb from Littlemuggles
These adorable bunny and sheep patterns are from Littlemuggles on Etsy.  Amy has another 2 styles of bunny, together with other cute animals.  See further details here.

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