Monday 30 March 2015

Even More Great Easter and Rabbit Bunny Patterns - knitted this time

I just couldn't resist showing you these ...

bunny rabbit girl by Little Cotton Rabbits
bunny with piebald patch by Little Cotton Rabbits
bunny egg cosy by Little Cotton Rabbits

All of these wonderful knitted rabbit toy patterns are from Little Cotton Rabbits on Etsy.  Julie has a variety of other animal patterns, together with a pattern for clothes for them too.  More information and purchase available here.

Marshmallow Bunny by Fluffandfuzz
Eggy Chicks by Fluffandfuzz
Moss the Sheep by Fluffandfuzz

These delightful knitted toy patterns are from Fluffandfuzz on Etsy.  Amanda has a lot of other patterns available and has a special offer if you buy two or more.  Details available here.

Bunny pattern by AmyGaines
Lamb pattern by AmyGaines
Easter Crochet pattern by AmyGaines

These great knitted and crocheted toy patterns are from Amygaines on Etsy.  Amy has a huge range of other patterns available and is having a Spring sale at the moment.  Details available here.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing my series of posts on Spring patterns that are available from some awsome designers.

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