Saturday 21 March 2015

Crochet Spring Bunnies and Easter Rabbits - Patterns You Will Love

As Spring is definitely in the air here in Ireland I want to share some great patterns I have found recently.  I still find it amazing that you put a quite specific search into your computer eg. Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern and so many adorable and different patterns appear.  People that make patterns are so creative and clever and I have great admiration for them.

bunny long legged by SIDRUNs Patterns

bunny in a dress by SIDRUNs Patterns

ballerina bunny by SIDRUNs Patterns

long-legged bunny in a vest by SIDRUNs Patterns

All of the above patterns are from the very talented Kristi of SIDRUNs Patterns on Etsy.  She also has 2 other bunny patterns that I have not shown, together with other animals and dolls.  Go to her store here.

I will be sharing some more bunny patterns with you over the coming week, so get your hooks ready for action.

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