Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year to Everyone

Well, who can hardly believe it is 2015 - where did 2014 go ? I don't normally do New Year Resolutions, but last year I did and I nearly achieved them all.  So I thought I should think of some for this year.

  • Learn more crochet stitches and skills. I love the look of tapestry crochet (see below) and can think of many ways of using it.  I think it would be fun to make up your own designs.


The lovely Julie at has some instructions on her blog and there are more instructions available through google searches.

I also like the look of tunisian crochet, as it looks like it would make quite a thick piece of crocheted fabric that may be useful as a placemat or in constructing a bag and in allsorts of other things.

    •  I think one thing that will be on my resolution list until I die is - get up earlier.  I find this one very hard to achieve, especially in Winter.  Using my available time more constructively goes along with this one.
    • Read more.  I achieved this one quite well last year, but it didn't last until the end of the year.  I am a chick-lit book reading kind of girl (as well as newspapers and craft and magazines).  Since I have moved to Ireland, I have actively sought out Irish Authors and discovered there are a lot and most of them write the type of the books that I like to read.  My favourites so far are  Clodagh Murphy and Cecelia Ahern.  Poolbeg is a good site for finding all about Irish authors.

    • Attempt paper-piecing.  I have never been very accurate with my sewing skills and hence have only attempting basic quilting.   

      However I bought an issue of Quilt Now magazine, because it had details of these paper-pieced designs (as above).  They are from a Japanese book that has just been translated to English called 318 Patchwork Patterns.  I have been able to view a lot of the patterns in the book on the net and I like a lot of them.  Because they are quite small, I figure I would be able to complete them without being too overwhelmed and you wouldn't need a lot of fabric.  So I may have to purchase this book.

      Hopefully I will achieve some of these and some more that I haven't divulged here or at least try my best! Hope your resolutions will be achieved too!

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