Thursday 22 January 2015

Cosy Stripe Blanket - ta dah!

I can't believe it is 21 January and that I have finished a blanket I started in December!  Let's hope this increase in progress keeps happening.

The first photo is the first 14 rows of the 14 colours I have used.  The second one is the finished blanket, which I love.  The third photo is a pretty bad one of the 4 row edging, which in reality looks very effective.

Pattern used :  Attic24 Cosy Stripe Blanket - here.
Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK in khaki, raspberry, teal, denim, burgundy, meadow, camel, pale rose, graphite, plum, lime, copper, grape and claret.
Edging : burgundy, pale rose, meadow and claret. Pattern here.
Finished size :  130 x 120 cm - 4 lots of the 14 colours.

I am so glad I have finished this blanket as the weather is a bit cool at the moment.

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